Practice Approach & Philosophy
Dr. Kotecha takes a refreshingly unhurried approach to eye care. A throwback to the days of yore, he has painstakingly developed a slower-paced limited practice devoted to giving every patient the time they need. Time to evaluate your concerns, time to answer your questions. No technicians running you around from room to room collecting data, or having to repeat yourself over and over again – just Dr. Kotecha for your entire eye examination, start to finish, just like the good old days. Relax and get all your questions answered and your options fully explained as you progress through the examination tailored to you using state-of-the-art technology. Become an integral part of your eye care and make an informed and educated decision on your eye care options.

Dr. Kotecha’s approach is to look at a person as whole, not just as an eye problem. This is because few eye health problems occur in total isolation from happenings in the body. Hence, the approach is to treat the person not just the disease. Dr. Kotecha has long held a special interest in overall patient wellness and especially the role that nutrition (clinical nutrition intervention) as well as Yoga and stress management plays in chronic disease processes.

Come experience a more enjoyable, educational and relaxed eye care experience with Dr. Kotecha and experience for yourself how we build long-term relationships, one patient at a time.

What to Expect / Planning for your Exam
As part of your comprehensive eye examination, you will have the option of getting your eyes dilated on the day of your visit, a future visit or to decline dilation as an included procedure entirely. It is highly recommended that your eyes be dilated to allow for a more thorough evaluation of the back of the eye. You should not drive for at least 4 or 5 hours after getting your eyes dilated, although we can always reschedule the dilation part of the examination to a more suitable time if that is what you wish. However, we highly recommend bringing a designated driver and getting your eyes dilated the same day. The world is definitely worth seeing well – have your eyes checked at least yearly!

Services & Ocular Conditions
Dr. Kotecha provides pediatric & adult eye care, care for Minor Eye Emergencies, Comprehensive Eye Examinations and Contact Lens Evaluations for soft or rigid contact lens wear, including custom fits and disposable contact lenses. Dr. Kotecha is a member of the American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control, and also provides Ortho-Keratology, a non-surgical process using corneal reshaping to achieve refractive change. He also provides evaluations for Keratoconus, Dry Eyes, Computer Vision Syndrome, Ocular Allergies and provides consultations for Glaucoma, Cataracts, Corneal Cross-Linking, and for Refractive Surgery procedures such as LASIK, PRK, ICL and clear lensectomies.

In keeping with our philosophy of being committed to your eye health, we are excited to introduce our Genetic Wellness testing and Nutritional Genius program.

Commitment to Your Eye Health
Using among the most advanced technology available, Dr. Kotecha aims to diagnose problems such as glaucoma or retinal disease such as macular degeneration early. An example is the Zeiss OCT, an instrument capable of scanning the back of the eye in seconds and delivering images of early pathology at incredible resolutions that are usually beyond the ability of traditional forms of visual detection. This allows the detection and diagnosis of pathology in its earliest stages possible. Wellness scans are optional and take mere minutes to perform. This, along with other tests, allows Dr. Kotecha to provide the most comprehensive eye examination possible.

In keeping with our philosophy of being committed to your eye health, we are excited to introduce our Genetic Wellness testing and Nutritional Genius program, as well as traditional Yoga & Meditation. Experience old-fashioned care with cutting-edge technology.