Hack Your Diet, Hack Your Health

You are what you eat. How often have we all heard this phrase? But did we understand it fully? Yes of course, it’s obvious. Or is it? If it is truly so obvious, why are more of us not implementing it? I mean, implementing it fully so that every meal, every bite, every sip leads towards good health and wellbeing?


That everyone desires good health is a given. The approach to attaining this goal is what sets some apart from others. In this day and age of modern medicine, surgery and technological advances, many often overlook the foundations of overall good health, better considered as “wellness” or wellbeing.


Wellness is best approached holistically, starting with what we eat or drink. Food is extremely important. It is nourishment for the body, mind and ultimately the spirit and absolutely nothing short of that. It affects grossly our health and more subtly, our state of mind. These two have a great bearing on how we interact with our outer world. The outer world is comprised of people we love and care deeply about, such as our family and friends, and of course everything else with interactive demands, attractions and constraints.


But, perhaps just as important if not more important, is the fact that our inner world is also affected. Both our gross and subtle states of the mind are altered. This is how we deal with “me” and how “I” relate to and deal with the outer and inner world. This ability to deal with our world comes full circle back on our wellbeing, a break-down in which can be the underpinnings for gross expression of disease such as hypertension, diabesity /obesity, and so on and depression and so on as a subtle expression.


Food and health, then, are intertwined and co-dependent. Change or modify the first and the other is a natural scientific consequence. That much is now apparent. What is not so apparent is what food to eat for optimum nourishment and health. And that is the key to health and wellness. The mega trend globally for many reasons is a plant based diet. The results speak for themselves. The proof is in your health. Hack your diet and you’ve hacked your health.


Let us know if we may be of assistance. Cheers & Good Health!

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