Behind our every action, there is a concept in which we firmly believe. Behind every product, there is a heart that does what it loves. Behind every pair of glasses, there is much more.

It takes passion, attention to detail, love for materials.

Respect for the planet and lots of time.

Only then can something unique be born.

-Augusto Valentini.


A design approach in which the environment variable takes on strategic importance.

Eco-design goes beyond focusing solely on the aesthetic and functinal aspects of the object, introducing the conce of Life Cycle Design, meant as the set of criteria that not only aim at safeguarding the user’s wellbeing, but that also seek to minimize the consumption of materials and energy needed to make the object itself, concentrating on the sue of renewable raw materials, with low extraction costs, that are biocompatible and, as far as possible, local.


During the test phase, which lasted for more than a year, we called it Mosely 1213, the atomic numbers that identify aluminium and magnesium.

Now all the alloy has been achieved and is functional for the production of unique, high performance products, ALUMIX is born.

An alloy made of Aluminium and Magnesium, elements easily found in nature that are blended together to improve their properties.

A light, non-magnetic non-toxic material that is corrosion-resistant and distinguished by its high mechanical properties.