“If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.” Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche
The eyewear from PORSCHE DESIGN has also remained true to the philosophy of company founder Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche to this day. The luxury brand thrills its customers with functional, purist design and has embodied a very independent type of luxury right from the start: engineered luxury.

The beginning of the typical “Iconic Style” that is typical of PORSCHE DESIGN was marked in 1972 by the world’s first black wristwatch. It was followed in 1978 by the world’s first spectacles with interchangeable lenses, the “Exclusive Glasses” P’8478. Today, the product range includes watches and eyewear as well as luggage, electronic products, a men’s cologne line, a sports collection and also a fashion collection for ladies and men.

Even today, four things are fundamental: function that is reduced to its basic principles; clarity of form that is based on the function; the manufacturing, which pairs perfect craftsmanship with innovative technology; and carefully selected materials that have been specially chosen to suit the function of each and every product.

Porsche Design

Porsche Design is truly unique. Fundamental, not decorative. Engineered, not just perfectly designed. Luxury as a result of sheer purity. Each object is reduced to its essential function. From that a clean linear shape is derived. Only the most advanced materials of the highest quality are selected for the making of the product. Finest traditional craftsmanship is combined with the most modern technology. A convincing example are Porsche Design glasses and sunglasses. Their design is derived from the precise knowledge of optics and physiognomy. Example for timeless aesthetics. Mirror of classic modernism. And the uncompromising essence of Porsche Design: Passion. Performance. Purism. Precision

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