The Solar Eclipse & Vision Safety in Children

As the time for the solar eclipse nears, PLEASE WATCH YOUR YOUNG CHILDREN CAREFULLY! Kids are naturally inquisitive, and this may play against them today. Solar glasses approved for watching the eclipse tomorrow cause a near-blackout when looking at everything, letting only the slightest bit of the solar rays enter. When young children put these glasses on, their world is just about completely blacked out. Therefore, children under 8 are particularly more susceptible to damage EVEN when wearing protective glasses NOT because the glasses do not work but because the children get bored looking through glasses that “black-out” everything, and which may even create some anxiety in some children who are more visually oriented. Hence, young children will tend to peek around the glasses and expose their eyes to the damaging solar radiation. If you do choose to allow children with approved solar filters to view the eclipse, please monitor them carefully so that they do not peek around the glasses. REMEMBER, a partially obscured sun may appear darker but is still extremely dangerous and can cause permanent damage to the central retina causing central blindness!


NASA is going to stream the video, and you can watch it here:


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