The Story Of The Eye Glassiers Of Houston

The Eye Glassiers of Houston is an inviting little family-owned eye wear boutique located in the Greenway Plaza area. We are the premier destination in Houston for the finest selection of luxury eyewear and old fashioned eye care using advanced diagnostic instrumentation.

We opened in November 2001, and have carefully developed a slower paced boutique practice tailored to the discriminating patient that appreciates unhurried old fashioned care.

We carefully hand-pick our beautiful eye wear and sun wear collections from around the world. We then pair the finest frames with the best available in lens technology and design based on your unique prescription to come up with the best eye wear for you. Your eyewear is distinctly you! Our curated collections are constantly evolving and are specifically tailored for the discriminating taste! We hold trunk show parties several times a year. Check our Upcoming Events for the next one and be sure to join us for an afternoon of cocktails & fun!

Easy Drive-Up and Walk-In
Relax in a cozy and inviting atmosphere where you will be attended to in an unhurried and professional manner with the expertise and respect you deserve.

Eclectic and Luxury Eye Wear in Houston
Peruse our fine and elegant eye wear collections at your pace in a pressure-free, relaxed setting. Talk to our knowledgeable and experienced Opticians. Get your questions answered. Relax. At The Eye Glassiers of Houston, we will take the time to talk to you. Our patients truly appreciate our old-fashioned and professional approach to eye care and eye wear.

Our Houston Eyewear Family

Deepak N. Kotecha, O.D.

Optometric Glaucoma Specialist
Therapeutic Optometrist
Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-500, NACYT-500)

Dr. Kotecha takes a refreshingly unhurried approach to eye care and has painstakingly developed a slower-paced limited practice devoted to giving every patient the time they need to address their needs. Dr. Kotecha’s approach is to look at a person as a whole, not just an eye problem. Dr. Kotecha has long held a special interest in overall patient wellness and especially the role that nutrition (clinical nutrition intervention) as well as Yoga and stress management plays in chronic disease processes.

Come experience a more enjoyable, educational and relaxed eye care experience with Dr. Kotecha and discover for yourself how we build trust and long-term relationships one patient at a time.

Dr. Deepak Kotecha graduated with honors from the University of Houston – Downtown College. He completed his Optometric training at the University of Houston – College of Optometry in 1989, and has been in multiple modes of private practice since. Dr. Kotecha is a member of the American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control, the International Keratoconus Academy and the Scleral Lens Education Society.

Calling Houston home, Dr. Kotecha is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and enjoys tennis, swimming and cycling with his wife and two boys. Dr. Kotecha practices authentic Yoga and is a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-500, NACYT-500). He has enjoyed teaching Sunday school, appeared on local radio stations, and is an invited guest speaker at spiritual venues.



With over a decade of experience in both fashion eye wear and patient care, Elisabeth has a unique and rich understanding of the full spectrum of eye care, eyewear and style, allowing her to perfectly fuse fashion with form for all your eye wear needs. Understanding completely that your eye wear is a personal extension of you and indeed represents you, Elisabeth will craft together the perfect combination of the perfect frame and the perfect lens design based upon your prescription and lifestyle needs to yield a masterpiece that is uniquely you and a pleasure to wear every single day!

Discuss with Elisabeth your lifestyle needs and wants, your image and aesthetic wishes and desires and let her guide you in a professional, comfortable and relaxed manner to create beautiful eye wear that you will love!

Come meet with Elisabeth at The Eye Glassiers of Houston today and experience for yourself the unique expertise, professionalism and care that she brings.

Richard Harrison, A.B.O.C.

Certified Optician

Extensive experience as a professional photographer and over a dozen years serving patients in the eyewear industry have allowed Richard to pair knowledge as an ABO certified optician with his eye for aesthetics. This unique blend of experience and training give Richard the tools to find a frame and lens combination that is exactly right for you, your lifestyle, vocation and personality.

Come meet with Richard at The Eye Glassiers of Houston and experience for yourself the pleasure of finding the absolute perfect pair of eyeglasses.


Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-500, NACYT-500)

A traditional Yoga practitioner, Smita is a Certified Yoga Teacher, (RYT-500, NACYT-500), and an invited speaker at Spiritual Venues. She has taught Sunday school and has had guest appearances on a local radio station.

Smita’s main interests lie in Meditation, gentle Yoga and breath control for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and health. Smita works with patients of all abilities to help build routines that are individual and comfortable for each patient. Learn simple and effective techniques, practices and lifestyle changes that are integral to the practice and sadhana of classical Yog that can be profoundly life-changing on many levels, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Come meet Smita at The Eye Glassiers of Houston.

Come in to The Eye Glassiers of Houston to peruse our beautiful collections! Call us at 713-552-9400