Popular Canadian Antibiotics to Carry Warning of Risk of Retinal Detachment

Popular antibiotics, especially the Fluoroquinolones, can have severe side effects, including retinal detachment. Fluoroquinolones include drugs such as ciprofloxacin, also called CIPRO, are very popular here in the United States with up to as many as “40 million prescriptions” of such antibiotics written each year putting potentially “tens of thousands of people” at risk for retinal detachment, among other side effects, according to author Mahyar Etminan.


Perhaps it is worth considering putting such warning labels here in the United States as well. Given the serious vision and life altering nature of retinal detachments, it is imperative that patients have regular periodic dilated eye examinations.


Early detection and management is key to minimizing vision loss and even blindness. The world is definitely worth seeing well – have your eyes checked at least yearly!


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